Summer Seminar for CUNY students at CASA funded by New Yorkers for CASA

It takes a visit to CASA to fully appreciate the many layers of interconnected programming and the powerful impact they have on the communities CASA services. This summer New Yorkers for CASA earmarked a portion of our 2015 fundraising dollars to send students enrolled with the Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY and Mixteca organizers to San Miguel for an intensive educational adventure designed to inspire and inform the New Yorkers with strategies for peer education – a key tool that CASA embraces for outreach, making change happen with knowledge, activism and communication. From workshops with midwives, hands-on participation with CASA radio programming and field work to establish a library for a remote rural town these students return to the United States ready to influence other adolescents in their own metropolitan communities with CASA strategies and a sense of purpose and empowerment. 

Please enjoy these quotes and more essays from student blogs about their summer program at CASA. 

On the first day we learned more about Center for Adolescents of San Miguel de Allende’s (CASA) mission and got to see them in action. Although I had already researched them I was still extremely overwhelmed by how much they do for the community and teens. CASA’s mission is to help adolescents be able to advance in their education without barriers with a perspective around gender. They do this many ways through going to schools and teaching teens about family planning and workshops preventing violence. Most important they are able to this through hiring directly affected teens and providing childcare for the young families. I am so thankful to be apart of having this opportunity and learning from the amazing youth and the rest of the staff at CASA.
— Guadalupe Ambrosio
Today we went to Guanajuato, to a rural area called La Palmita were there are 340 habitants. It’s a pretty small town that is close to Queretaro and it took us an hour and a half from San Miguel de Allende to travel there. Erika and Cesar who work for CASA gave us a tour around the area…They said that each year they choose a community to create a big change. We worked to help build a library which will enable the children to have access to a book during their summer break…I have the realization that CASA is an opportunity, a chance not just for women but also the youth. Two of the most at risk groups in Mexico. CASA has also been an opportunity to all of us.
— Adriana García
Today we learned more about the program “REDeSS,” which stands for Radiodifusion y Educación en Derechos Sexuales y Salud. This program offers information through the radio about health, nutrition and the rights people have about their sexual lives. CASA makes sure to expand their information into the communities they cannot visit through the use of the radio.
— Lorena Cariño

Field work with CASA in La Palmita, Mexico, creating a library for adolescents:

Students at CASA’s campus in San Miguel de Allende: