State of Maternity in Mexico

CASA Maternity Hospital was established in 1994, where over 10,000 babies have been born with superior prenatal and maternal care measured by reduced infant and maternal mortality rates.  In 1996 CASA opens the first government-accredited Midwifery School.   Here is an overview of the state of maternity in Mexico that CASA is determined to change.

  • Maternal mortality rate, (MMR) is more than double the rate in the U.S. with 4 deaths a day. 1,470 women needlessly die every year due to mismanagement of pregnancy and birth.
  •  39,000 infants died before reaching their first birthday in 2013.
  • There are 63 births per 1,000 teen women aged15-19. (There are 31 births per 1,000 teens in the United States.) 80% of Mexican teen mothers drop out of school.
  • Although midwifery is an ancient profession in most parts of the world, it is a new phenomenon in Mexico. Only 91 professional midwives are currently working in Mexico, and all are graduates of the CASA Professional Midwifery School. International standards recommend 6 midwives per 1,000 fertile women.
  •  Only 17% of new mothers in Mexico comply with international recommendations to breastfeed exclusively for six months; at CASA 100% of mothers are taught how and why to breast-feed